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Growing the Future🌱

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It grows seeds for the generation of various plants needed to supplement the diet of a crew of 4-6 astronauts to be implemented in interplanetary travel. It operates largely autonomously, with minimal human intervention and low maintenance thanks to the combination of technologies already known as AI/ML adapted to that need.

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Application Android  Dashboard


Arduino code                                           


The growth chamber is deployed remotely, but can also be deployed manually. The length of deployment is variable depending on the available space, with a maximum allowed length of 1.5m, which would be the equivalent of three times its initial size.

Special Skills


It is constructed of lightweight materials and its main component is a transparent bellows that allows the crop to be seen at all times.


Inside, an automatically deployable pre-seeding reel operates.


Minimum waste generation

Artificial Intelligence/
Machine Learning

It operates largely autonomously, with minimal human intervention and low maintenance thanks to the combination of already known technologies such as AI/ML adapted to that need.

About Us

Walter Wagner:

Systems Analyst, Analyst Programmer, Technician in Electromechanical Naval and Turbines, Classification of extrasolar planets, NASA IA, NASA TESS, Robotics G.R.S. Robotics and Simulation Group UTN Bahia Blanca. Computer and programming Teacher. International robotics champion and national robotics league runner-up. Industrial automation.

Matias Klug:

Entrepreneur. Student of Electronic Engineering and Computer Engineering at Universidad Nacional del Sur. Electronic Technician. Member of the Robotics and Simulation Group of the UTN Bahía Blanca. Two times National Robotics League Champion. Organizer of the International Robotics Competition Bahía Blanca. Collaborator in the National Robotics League. Elementary School Computer Science Teacher and Robotics Teacher at UTN Bahía Blanca. Lover of space technologies.

Marcelo Machado:

Electronic technician. Student of Mechanical Engineering at UTN Bahia Blanca and currently working in automation maintenance.